A lab devoted to the advancement and formulation of regulated and novel psychoactive compounds.


Mycology Laboratory

Formulation Capabilities


Havn Labs will operate from a state-of-the-art research facility.


Havn Life has secured a Health Canada exemption, which allows for the research and development of psychedelic compounds. The exemption allows the Company to conduct this research prior to securing Licensed Dealer status.

The Licensed Dealer status will be secured by 2021 and will permit the supply and sale of regulated compounds.

HAVN Labs will work with veterans and PTSD groups across North America to develop strategic evidence based treatment protocols and optimize formulations to study mental well being.
Currently global access to research informed formulations is limited. Those who are studying psychedelics in research studies and academia rely on products that are developed ad hoc for each project. HAVN Labs will provide the standardized psychedelic compound formulations for academic institutions with isolates and extractions from our facility that will be utilized for clinical trials and as APIs for product.



Preparing for a clinical trial, our Phase 1 research will examine Veterans current use and perceptions of psilocybin for mental health disorders.

HAVN Labs is working with the Veterans Friendly Campus Initiative at The University of British Columbia. Where veterans can take leadership in creating protocols and best use processes by participating in studies of alternative medicines. HAVN has entered into an agreement with the Institute for Veterans Education and Transition at The University of British Columbia to launch a research project starting in late 2020.



Veterans Affairs is a national care provider, once Veterans Affairs approves a treatment it can be used by Veterans across the entire country. Cannabis expanded quickly with Veterans Affairs approving it early on to tackle PTSD.

Veterans are given priority access to housing, social and recreational opportunities as well as other specialty programs.

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