Havn Life Develops New Method for Rapid Psilocybin Testing

Havn Life has completed its analytical work under its Health Canada Section 56 exemption


Vancouver, BC – Havn Life Sciences Inc. (CSE: HAVN) (OTC: HAVLF) (FSE: 5NP) (the “Company” or “Havn Life”), a biotechnology company pursuing standardized extraction of psychoactive compounds and the development of natural healthcare products, is pleased to announce that it has completed the analytical work under its Health Canada Section 56 exemption. Specifically, Havn Life’s research team has developed a rapid testing method that enables precise and accurate measurement of psilocybin content in under 5 minutes.

Last August, Havn Life was granted a Section 56 exemption by Health Canada to begin developing methods for standardized, quality-controlled analysis of therapeutic compounds from the Psilocybe spp. mushroom. In the ensuing months, the Company’s researchers have reviewed the body of scientific literature related to current methods for testing psilocybin content. Havn Life discovered limitations in replicating testing methods found in reported literature, which led its researchers to develop a new method for measuring psilocybin. With the development of this method, Havn Life will be able to provide accurate doses of psilocybin for products. This research work was completed with assistance from Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures.

“The first step in advancing our research into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics is developing a fast, reliable, and validated method of analyzing APIs present within psilocybin mushrooms. This will enable us to verify the dosage of active compounds in all psilocybin products Havn Life will supply to clinical and research studies,” noted Havn Life’s Chief Research Officer Alexzander Samuelsson. “Our research team has developed a method that is highly accurate with faster analytical turnaround than those described in published literature.”

The testing methodology is also a key element for building the protocols for the Company’s GMP compliant lab in Vancouver. Rapid testing enables the Company to quickly experiment with and validate new extraction processes, which is essential for internal process development and maintaining quality control and accurate dosing of psychedelic compounds.

The completion of this research work, along with the operationalization of its lab in Jamaica, means Havn Life is able to begin producing psilocybin to supply clinical trials. Through these enhanced extraction and testing methods, the Company will continue to lead the field and pursue its mission of optimizing human performance.

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