Inaugural World Psychedelics Day

Global day of discussion and celebration dedicated to building awareness of and respect for therapeutic and life-enhancing potential of synthetic psychedelics and traditional psychoactive plant medicines

World Psychedelics Day (WPD) launches Sunday, June 20th, 2021, celebrating a new era of rational and informed perspectives on modern day psychedelics and traditional psychoactive plant medicines. This annual event honours the breakthroughs in scientific and therapeutic psychedelic research and traditional Indigenous practices that have culminated in the current “Psychedelic Renaissance”.

Despite wide-reaching clinical applications, stigma and legal barriers still surround the use of psychedelics and psychoactive plant medicines. This year’s virtual event, produced by the Psychedelics Awareness Foundation, a Canadian organization (non-profit registration in progress) of artists, journalists, university students, parents and business people, seeks to redress this by teaming up with thought leaders in the space to educate, enlighten, and inspire people worldwide about the untapped potential of psychedelics.

Through digital and traditional media, online discussions with renowned experts, public art projects, documentaries, and music, 6·20 will spark a day of open, engaging conversations, featuring a line-up of fascinating topics covering:

  • Breakthroughs in scientific research and clinical trials, particularly in mental health
  • Global legalization and decriminalization milestones
  • Harm reduction and the ethics of psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • The applications of psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • Anticipated adoption of psychedelics in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Environmental protection of psychoactive plants used in Indigenous people’s practices
  • Potential of psychedelic molecules to cure diseases
  • Psychedelics role in treating mental illness in the emerging post-pandemic world

Dr. Andrew Weil, world-renowned wellness expert and a spokesperson for the event said, “After decades of prohibition and stigma created by the ‘War on Drugs’, we have finally entered a new age of psychedelic research, one which has incredible potential for the treatment of mental and physical health and enhancing the quality of life for millions of people around the world.”

Dr. Andrew Weil

Kim Haxton, a director of the Psychedelics Awareness Foundation, is Potowatomi from the Wasauksing First Nation with 20 years of experience with Indigenous healers from around the world. “As psychedelics go mainstream,” Haxton notes. “It is crucial that issues of sustainability and reciprocity be front and center, in order to protect environmentally threatened psychoactive plants such as Peyote, and the Indigenous cultures that use them as part of their traditional practices.

Ahead of this year’s event—public health directives hopefully permitting—WPD invites supporters to also join our “Human Molecule” art project. This project encourages participants to use their bodies or natural materials to create large scale representations of psychedelic molecules in wide open spaces and to upload images and videos (drone if possible) of their creations to our website and social media platforms. Hashtags include #WPD and #620.

WPD welcomes collaborators and allies across all identities, ages, spectrums, and geographies, with a commitment to uphold its core values of sustainability, accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity.

WPD envisions a time when synthetic and naturally occurring psychedelic medicines are better understood, made safely and legally available, and are appreciated for all their beneficial, wondrous, and sacred uses. WPD is a project of Psychedelic Awareness Foundation, a Canadian non-profit organization of artists, journalists, university students, parents and business people.

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