Psychedelic Research Company Developing Sustainably-Grown Peyote in Canada

Lophos Pharmaceuticals Corp. is a Canadian psychedelic research company focused on peyote and its derivatives such as mescaline. Peyote, an endangered plant species with a long history of therapeutic use, has legal status in Canada, but mescaline, a powerful psychedelic molecule derived from the plant, remains a Schedule 3 controlled substance. At their facility, Lophos Pharma will research improved cultivation techniques, while evaluating a path to market for sustainably grown, peyote-based natural health products (NHPs).

“Our goal is to provide a sustainable source of peyote that is responsibly grown at our licensed facility,” says Claire Stawnyczy, Founder and CEO of Lophos. “Lophos’ mission is to protect this endangered species while developing innovative pharmaceutical treatments, harnessing alternative delivery techniques, and investing in peyote-derived natural health products.

Lophos is developing accelerated, responsible cultivation techniques which will reduce the peyote growth cycle and maintain the alkaloid content. Peyote’s long growth cycle is one of the major challenges facing both researchers, and traditional cultivators.

Our current understanding of peyote and its applications in modern medicine is influenced by its traditional use within Indigenous communities. It is important to Lophos Pharma to show respect to the plant, the indigenous communities that protect it, and the land it originates from. In an effort to reduce the negative impacts that peyote over-harvesting has had, Lophos Pharma is proud to establish an alternative source.

About Lophos

Lophos is a biosciences company that specializes in peyote research, cultivation, preservation, and drug development. We develop novel therapies and natural health treatments that aim to restore and improve the quality of life for patients. Through advanced cultivation and harvesting techniques, Lophos Pharmaceuticals will provide our partners with medical grade inputs and our patients with access to safe and effective mescaline-based therapeutics.

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